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Committee Spotlight on Cecile Dick-Calmes

Thank You For Being Such A Vital Part Of Our Team, Cecile Dick-Calmes! We Look Forward To Sharing More About You So Others Can Get To Know You Better!

Tell us a bit about your backstory and what lead you down your current life path.

I am a content marketing strategist and creative leader with experience in B2B and B2C digital marketing. I help shape what the audience thinks about a product or service and drive growth for B2B and B2C companies in web development, thought leadership, and social media. I am a data-driven communications expert who develops results-oriented and holistic communications campaigns. I enjoy giving evidence-based recommendations and working among talented individuals whom I can continue learning from. As a French-American woman, I enjoy working for diverse teams and workplaces that encourage employees to share their culture and express their personalities. I am currently the Inbound Marketing Manager at Daifuku Wynright and previously worked at the Boeing Company as a Community Manager and Hainan Airlines as the Digital Marketing Lead. At Daifuku Wynright, I build the company’s customer base using targeted content to support sales team conversion activities. My community involvement is significant and includes digital marketing services to an Environmental and Animal organization. 

What or who inspired you to pursue your career?

I embraced communications because I didn’t know what to do. Through my expatriation and job experiences, I learned how to shape my career path as a Digital Strategist. In addition, I am from Toulouse, France. My hometown is the European aeronautics base where Airbus has established its headquarters. I grew up with aeronautics around me and have always been inspired by this industry. After working for Boeing in Chicago, I learned that inspiration could come from people, small wins, and what you genuinely care about in life. Today, I hope to leave a better planet for my daughter. I am particularly interested in finding solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

What is one thing you are proud of achieving in your life?

From startups to corporations, my background in marketing and communications has allowed me to work on diverse projects with the central goal of being strategic and creative to achieve results. While working with Hainan Airlines (HNA), China’s largest non-government-owned carrier, I was responsible for overseeing the creation of HNA’s brand identity in North America and collaborating across global corporate business units. I directed inter-company collaboration between HNA, Boeing, Alaska Airlines, and DreamWorks to deliver Kung Fu Panda “Design your Own 787-9 Livery Digital” project, resulting in three Kung Fu Panda branded 787-9 Dreamliner airplanes (one-minute video can be experienced here)

What keeps you motivated? What maintains your passion for and commitment to the work you are doing?

I’m best known for my expertise in social media marketing, branding, and digital marketing campaigns, consistently driving initiatives that yield high ROI for my place of employment. I enjoy discovering new industries and products and being challenged in the social media and digital space.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy running near Lake Michigan. I ran and finish the Milwaukee marathon in October 2021. I am also an Admissions Board for the ISCOM School of Communication based in Paris, France where I received my Master’s degree. I review prior academic performance, and the nature of the applicants’ work experience and interview them individually.  

Is there a particular book that made a significant impact on you? What is it and why did it resonate with you?

I’m reading: “Think Again” by an organizational psychologist, Adam Grant. It’s inspired me to learn more about confident humility—how to be humble in my beliefs and curious about the alternatives.

Please share your favorite Life Lesson quote. How is it relevant to your life? 

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Our weapon is our truth, and our truth lies in the fact that this our land, this our country, our children, and we are going to defend all of this…”

Zelensky shows the world a great sense of accountability, leading by example and being comfortable taking risks. He impressed me every day when I read the news, he is an example for everybody.

Why did you choose to be a Fundraising Committee Member of Educate. Radiate. Elevate.?

I was interested in an opportunity to learn more about the education industry, think out of the box and see how my skills can help contribute Educate. Radiate. Elevate to achieve its fundraising goals.

What about the Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s Purpose, Mission, and Core Values speaks most to you and why?

I am thrilled to have joined the organization that strives for continuous improvement and provides our youth with the tools they need to grow into successful contributing members of society. I believe Educate. Radiate. Elevate can help establish a just culture where the learning environment is transparent, fair, and allows students to succeed. 

Thanks, Cecile! We Are So Lucky To Have You On The Team!

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