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Integrating Art into Education

Promote lifelong learning

Close equity gaps with quality education support

Advice For Parents & Educators

E.R.E. articles with free guidance and resources for adults to help bridge the education gap among the students in their lives.

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Advice For Students

E.R.E. articles with free tips and resources for students to help with academics, enrichment, soft skills, college readiness, and more!
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Advice For Changemakers

Learn about our nonprofit’s purpose, mission, approach, events, and more! Find out about how you can get involved.

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Board Spotlights

Our nonprofit Board of Directors is a wealth of knowledge and experience, working tirelessly to bridge the achievement gap.

Committee Spotlights

The members of our three committees are dedicated to ensuring our nonprofit best serves the needs of low-income students of color.

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Tutor Spotlights

E.R.E.’s diverse tutors provide high-quality, student-centered, culturally-responsive, and trauma-informed education support.


Volunteer Spotlights

Determined to make a difference, our volunteers employ their unique talents to assist our nonprofit in overcoming education inequities.

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